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#EatClean. We only use nature’s ingredients. You won’t find man-made chemical preservatives, colourants, additives or other highly refined ingredients. We don’t add gluten flours or starchy thickeners to our meals. Most importantly, we don’t add sugars, whether artificial or concentrated, or refined salt.

We use nature’s whole-food ingredients so that our meals are generally low carb and high in fibre. We have sourced meat from grass-fed/free range farms and that are free of routine antibiotics and growth hormones.

Delivery or collection: FitChef delivers to most major cities. We will always confirm delivery dates and notify you via SMS, email and/or phone. Your meals are delivered in insulated boxes so that they remain frozen for many hours, which means we can deliver to your work if that is most convenient for you. We also have collection points in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

We will deliver your order within three to eight working days, and collections can be done between 1 and 4 working days if you are based in Johannesburg or Cape Town.

Select your own items or a kit. The kits will kickstart your journey and there are multiple options to suit your preference or budget. Place monthly repeat orders – healthy living has never tasted this good or been this easy #FitChef

Healthy food never tasted this good! Tens of thousands of South Africans are living the FitChef Lifestyle! We don’t have weight problem, we have a food selection problem. FitChef has the solution. Having good health is the mark of true wealth! It’s time to invest in yourself and learn to eat clean with FitChef.

We also understand that the best solution would be for everyone to grow their own veggies and make every meal from scratch. But in a time-poor world where most of us are too busy with work and play to pay attention to what we eat. How often do you grab any food that is convenient, but not necessarily healthy?

Bronze. SAVE 8%

Silver. SAVE 9%

Gold. SAVE 10%

Platinum. SAVE 12%

Estimates indicate that worldwide up to 60% of adults are pre-diabetic or already diabetic. This is linked to poor diets and unhealthy lifestyles. What you put in is what you get out, so if you want to perform at your best, whether at home, in sport or at work, you need to fuel your body with good nutrition.

FitChef meets the needs of those people with no time, who can’t cook or who hate cooking but want to live healthily… we change lives every day! Our customers thank us all the time for getting them off medication, finding energy again, helping them lose weight and feel good.

REAL FOOD isn’t boring, FitChef will prove that to you. After three days on FitChef’s #EatClean food and smoothies, we think you will agree that we have redefined the ‘REAL HAPPY MEAL’. FitChef leaves you feeling full and ready to perform at work and play without the bloating, heartburn & other discomforts of refined food.

If you believe veggies are boring and tasteless then it’s probably because your taste buds have been numbed by high quantities of sugar and artificial flavourants in everything. Reset your body, mind and taste buds on FitChef food.

All diets fail for ONE main reason: not having easy access to GOOD, healthy food. Instead, you find yourself eating processed foods and junk, which derails your health, energy and weight management. FitChef offers more than a diet, we offer a lifestyle and we deliver excellent quality, wholesome meals as well as smoothies, snacks and more.

Get started: Order the 21 Day Challenge kit, which gives you 54 wholesome ready-to-eat meals and 44 smoothies. Alternatively, you can order individual meals and smoothies. FitChef solves ALL your nutritional needs, we have the nutritional solution for your life. ONE DECISION can positively impact the state of your body, mind, energy, health and focus.