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Eat Clean Healthy Food

Exercise won’t make you thin

Exercise won’t make you thin

Well YES we agree that dieting is a waste but a healthy lifestyle is not… and every healthy lifestyle needs a kick start, that’s why we do this 21 day challenge, so that people experience what its like to feel good and eat well.
90% Diet 10% Exercise (for fat loss). If professional athletes strictly monitor their diet (carb management), despite intense daily exercise then it proves this statement. You can’t out train a bad diet and six packs are really made in the kitchen!
Many Ironman, Argus, Comrades, Cape Epic athletes are overweight despite being in the top percentage of fit people… they are fit but fat! It not about calories but about the quality of calories. Please go and see “That Sugar Movie” at Ster Kinekor or online video sources.

FitChef 21 Day Challenge

All you need = Food + Smoothies + Meal Plan + Delivery. There are many options but our famous 21 day kit contains 54 meals + 44 smoothies to kick start your journey. #EatClean without preservatives or man-made chemicals, no added or artificial sugars, quality grass fed meats without routine antibiotics or growth hormone. FitChef provides the most delicious healthy, nutrient dense, whole food in the most convenient way to create a lifestyle for busy people and families. Kick start your #LiveClean lifestyle today, your future self will thank you.

All diets fail for ONE main reason:

not having easy access to GOOD, healthy food. Instead, you find yourself eating processed foods and junk, which derails your health, energy and weight management. FitChef offers more than a diet, we offer a lifestyle and we deliver excellent quality, wholesome meals as well as smoothies, snacks and more.

FitChef is all about great tasting meals, loads of variety, low and lower carb options, REAL food and excellent quality service! #FitChef #EatClean