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Help I am not losing weight?

Help I am not losing weight?

While most people lose weight fairly quickly when they Eat Clean, some people do take longer. This can be very frustrating but weight loss is also connected to your emotional state, stress levels and sleep. Sometimes your body needs to heal for a while. Be patient and give it time; there are no quick fixes. Here are some tips to help keep you on track:

HEALTH FIRST. We need to emphasise that the first rule is always eat for health โ€“ not just for weight loss. This means eating high quality and nutrient dense food (lots of veggies, some protein, a little fruit, small amounts of nuts and seeds). It also means cutting out junk, carbs and sugars (no bread, processed food, sugary breakfast cereals, added sugar or artificial sugars).

EAT MORE VEG AND WHOLE FOODS. Out of all the food groups available, low starch veg is going to be your best bet for health and weight loss.

STRIVE TO EAT LIKE MODEL OR BODY BUILDERS EAT. This group of people get guaranteed results every time they are on stage or judged. Apart from taking chemical supplements that certainly affect their health (we really donโ€™t recommend this), they all cut all sugar, junk and starchy carbs and eat more veg and lean protein.

Use this checklist:

  • Stop all added sugar foods including honey, artificial sugars or sweeteners.
  • No fruit juice (this is just concentrated sugar).
  • Donโ€™t have too much oil, even the ones that are good for you.
  • Control portion size and reduce your meals to 250-300g.
  • Drink water. Donโ€™t go mad but get enough water.
  • Cut out as much milk. Milk can cause an insulin spike that causes fat storage.
  • Go for leaner cuts of meat if you arenโ€™t losing weight.
  • Eat more in the day time (bigger lunch and smaller dinner).
  • Exercise โ€“ movement is really good for your body and mind.

Using a scale vs taking measurements

  • Donโ€™t trust your scale. As you burn fat, if you exercise you will build lean muscle. Muscle is heavier and often as you are losing centimeters you may still keep a similar weight. How do your clothes feel? Have you tightened your belt? Your weight will fluctuate; keep a long term goal of living healthily. EatClean, DrinkClean, LiveClean!