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How do I maintain my weight?

How do I maintain my weight?

While we have incredible kick-start plans like our 21 Day Challenge, our focus is actually on long-term health and weight management solutions. We provide monthly maintenance meals, smoothies and snacks so you can continue your FitChef #EatClean lifestyle plan according to your budget.

Food is the foundation to all other long-term success in your life. Don’t go back to living on high-carb food because you forgot to order or plan ahead. Healthy eating is a balance of buying and making food ahead of time so that your health becomes an investment. 

You eat about 93 meals a month… so plan ahead! And don’t forget those 30-60 snacks or drinks between meals. You need to aim for at least 80 excellent meals that are high in nutrient-dense veggies and that don’t contain refined carbs or sugar. Remember to #EatClean. You can’t live on bread, junk cereals, pap, sugar and processed food and expect good results.
So plan ahead.

Make an important decision ahead of time:

Will you make or buy food?
How can you guarantee you will eat at least 80 healthy meals a month?
Can you cook all 80, or perhaps buy 40 and cook 40?
How much do you spend on take away meals?

Save time and money and get better results by buying the meals you would have bought on the run from FitChef. We stock your freezer every month with amazing #EatClean food.