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FitChef Healthy Snacks

Is Fibre Important?

The importance of fibre

Is there ONE thing we could do to solve most dieting and nutrition problems? YES! We believe that if people focused on eating whole foods high in fibre then a lot of weight and health issues would be solved.

This means choosing brown rice over white rice, eating loads of fibre rich veggies (a mix of raw and cooked), selecting bread made from whole-wheat stone ground flour and even real chocolate made with raw cacao, which is extremely high in fibre (17%). Eating a whole orange instead of drinking the orange juice means you get a lot more flavonoids from the sacks and pith, which help your body absorb the vitamins and improve health.
High fibre foods help slow down the absorption of natural sugars and makes you feel fuller for longer (which also helps with portion control).

Ask yourself: does this food make my STOP light come on?

If you are eating food that doesnโ€™t fill you up but rather leaves you wanting more, it is usually the first sign that you are eating something bad for your health and weight loss. Food without fibre often spikes your blood sugar then your body releases insulin and it goes into fat storage mode. Continually raised insulin levels is linked to many lifestyle diseases like type II diabetes, Alzheimerโ€™s and other auto immune diseases.

Stop spoiling your kids

How did you learn to eat unhealthy food? It all begins by spoiling kids and offering them white bread and fibre-less food so they learn to like that kind of food. All food is an acquired taste so it is time we help our kids acquire a taste for better wholesome food so that they donโ€™t have to battle with weight and health issues in their adulthood!