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Managing cheat days

There is a lot of debate about cheat day meals

FOR cheat day

  1. Some people like to group any ‘cheat meals’ so its good for the mind
  2. A cheat day reminds you why you chose to eat well… your stomach hurts, heartburn and bloating is back with a vengeance
  3. Some people start burning fat quickly the following day after resetting leptin levels
  4. Sometimes you just need to relax and take life less seriously.

AGAINST cheat day

  1. Many people feel it is a license to go wild and overdo the gluttony. It can create an overboard extremist mind set of 100% good or 100% bad where in the long term you may get better results by more consistently moderate for long periods of time.
  2. When you get close to your target weight a cheat day can delay your results
  3. Sure there are more reasons… ;D
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