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Eat Clean Healthy Food

Should I be living on raw food?

Should I be living on raw food?

We don’t believe that a raw diet is necessary. There is no single lifestyle that is perfect. Everything has positive and negative aspects. Broccoli, for example, is healthier when cooked because only then does it release its full spectrum of amino acids.

While we all need to figure out what works and what doesn’t for us as individuals, the best solution is probably to mix it up and not to get polarised by one point of view. Rather opt for moderation.

We certainly suggest that you eat a variety of cooked and raw natural food. We have had customers who have lived with autoimmune diseases for decades and needed medicinal concoctions to survive, find that they are clear of all symptoms after just three months of the the FitChef eat clean lifestyle. We have a long list of customer reviews as first hand testimonials that show that natural food works.

While we also agree that in a perfect world we should all be planting our own food, picking and cooking as we need it, most of us are too busy and are living on cola and chocolate. The FitChef guarantee is that a healthy heated meal is always healthier than a sandwich filled with processed ingredients or cereal loaded with sugar and milk.