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Create Your Recurring Delivery

Get between 10% – 15% discount and be part of our Loyalty Club

FitChef rewards you for living healthy! The more often you order the BIGGER your discount. Discount levels are automatically applied to your account based on purchase frequency and your account will automatically adjust from Bronze to Platinum Loyalty Levels. FitChef solves ALL your nutritional needs, we have the nutritional solution for your life. ONE DECISION can positively impact the state of your body, mind, energy, health and focus. We save you time (up to 30 hours/month) and money (many customers save up to R3000/month living a FitChef Lifestyle, compared to manually shopping, preparing, cooking, washing and buying food on the run). REPURPOSE your time effectively!

This is our commitment to make healthy living more affordable and convenient. Thank you for supporting FitChef, your future self will thank you! Get FitChef delivered to your home or office or collect from our FitChef in Randburg Gauteng or Salt River Cape Town. (FitChef food comes in double insulated boxes and will keep your food frozen for over 8 hours)

Keeping your commitment to yourself. The #EatClean Lifestyle. We will help you keep your promise to yourself to eat healthy. We all know that if we had good food we would eat good food, drinks and snacks. The solution is simple: sign up today and put healthy eating onto autopilot. Remember we eat around 96 meals a month, 30-60 snacks/drinks so decide what percentage of good food ratio you want in your life:

  • 60% = 56 meals/month
  • 70% = 65 meals/month
  • 80% = 75 meals/month
  • 90% = 83 meals/month

Smoothies = We suggest at least 1 day.
Setup YOUR Recurring Delivery – Get Amazing Discounts – Edit, Delete, Pause or Cancel at any time.

How It Works:

Step 1 – Setup your recurring delivery frequency
Complete the form below to setup the your preferred delivery frequency. Add or select your credit card details too, please note this is very secure as FitChef does not store your credit card details, these are stored on a secure credit card payment server. (We use a token based system for credit card transactions). You will always receive confirmation of delivery dates with you and we will appoint a dedicated Client Service Manager so you can get help quickly over WhatsApp, email or phone. We are here for you!

Step 2 – Add Products
Once you have created your recurring delivery, the “Add To Recurring Order” button will show up on each products or kit. So shop as you would normally and add products to your recurring delivery. Or you can go to your “My Recurring Order” screen after login and manage product quantities, delete or add new products.

Step 3 – Managing Your Order
Manage your recurring order from the My Recurring Order screen. Add, Edit, Delete, Check your discounts or even pause the delivery.
The following loyalty levels currently exist:
Bronze: 1 order in the last 3 months over R1500/purchase – Up to 10% Discount
Silver: 2 orders in the last 3 months over R1500/purchase – Up to 12% Discount
Gold: 3 orders in the last 3 months over R1500/purchase – Up to 14% Discount
Platinum: 4 orders in the last 6 months over R1500/purchase – Up to 15% Discount

Pause or skipping an order cycle?
If life happens, whether you are away on holiday or a business trip or whatever the reason might be, and you are unable to accept the delivery or collection you are able to pause for a specific cycle (e.g. Weekly, Twice Monthly, Monthly). It will automatically activate after the next run. You will always receive email & SMS notification before an order runs. You are also able to cancel the recurring order at any time. Please keep in mind that pausing or cancelling your recurring order will affect your discount level for the next purchase.

New Food, Smoothies and Snacks
We continually add, update or remove meals, smoothies and snacks so you will have a wide basket of new items to add or replace meals to keep tastes fresh and exciting. Please note that from time to time we do discontinue products or update recipes, so adjustments are made. Pricing and stock availability are subject to change.

Terms & Conditions

  • We reserve the right to review and amend the discount percentages.
  • Pricing change to individual products and kits are made on a continual basis depending on ingredient or seasonal pricing.
  • You may cancel or change recurring payment.

Enough Information! I WANT IT!

Please Note: Currently recurring orders are only available in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Cape Town.