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Staying healthy at parties

Staying healthy at parties

Here’s a few tips on how to avoid derailing your diet at parties.

Quench your thirst BEFORE you drink alcohol

How often do you arrive at a party feeling and grab an alcoholic drink when you are thirsty? Rather start by drinking one or two large glasses of water and then move on to your favourite beverage to enjoy the taste experience.

Alcohol does disrupt the fat burning process and turns your body into a sugar/carb craving machine. If you must drink alcohol, then choose drinks with less sugar content and ensure that you drink small quantities.

Opt for healthier drinks

Make this your new mantra: Don’t drink your calories! Avoid consuming unnecessary calories found in sodas, beers, wine and other beverages typically served at parties. A healthier option is to drink sparkling water with a dash of lemon and /or Angostura bitters.

Choose to eat protein over carbs

Aim to eat protein snacks only (or for vegetarians/vegans, go for as much dense veg as possible). Once you start eating carbs, deep fried food, chips and junk then it’s game over and you will just crave more junk. If you can stick to protein, kebabs, steaks, chicken breast, biltong and fill yourself up on protein you should make it through the evening unscathed and no one will bug you because you won’t look like you are dieting. Make food choices before you arrive at a restaurant so that when the waiter asks, you can order your standard high protein steak, with veg and sauce on the side.