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We Challenge You

21 Day No Bread No Sugar Challenge

#NOBS #DumpTheBS

Start Dates:

13 Jan-Mon | 20 Jan-Mon | 27 Jan-Mon

The time has come. You know it’s bad for you. You know you’re supposed to cut down, cut it out, cut the crap. But you somehow never do. Well now is the time. If you are still eating bread and sugar more than three times a week, we challenge you.

21 Days without bread or sugar.
Instead of asking you to give them up forever and sending you into a panic-induced binge, we are asking you for just 21 days. After that you can decide for yourself.

21 Day “No Bread, No Sugar” Challenge

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Why #NoBS

Why cut out bread and sugar?

Bread and sugar are part of the same family of foods. They are refined carbohydrates which your body converts into sugar and stores as fat. They spike your insulin levels causing hormone imbalances, increased chances of developing type 2 diabetes, kidney and renal function problems. They also raise the ph levels inside your body which is one of the leading causes of cancer.

Other delightful side-effects of sugar include bloating, IBS, mood swings, cravings and bad skin. If you’re still not convinced read out post on why you should kick the sugar habit for good.

If none of that is enough then how about this: they make you fat. Sugar is what causes belly fat build up. Fats like butter and whole milk have gotten a bad reputation over the last 30 years, but what more and more studies are finding is that it’s sugar that really causes the most damage.

What do you mean NO BREAD?
Stop ALL bread for 21 days and, if you can, stop all crackers too. Most bread has heavily refined ingredients that lack beneficial fiber, but it’s just easier to stop all bread initially. When you are healthy, slim and reset then you can consider healthy bread options made from stone ground flour, like artisan-type sourdough bread or the many health and Banting breads available at health stores. But even then, keep bread as an option for treats only. It’s time for a full body and mind rehab, 21 days of no junk and getting back to good habits, get back to looking and feeling good!

What do you mean NO (added) SUGAR?

Plan A is to stop all forms of sugar or added sweetness (including honey). Try at least three days of no added sweeteners and if you just can’t cope then only use stevia (you can find stevia root from Dis-Chem and health shops). Remember stevia is STRONG, so only use the tip edge of a spoon, which is about two grains of rice in size. If stevia is too strange for your taste buds then go for honey or real maple syrup in very limited quantities. Why is everything sweetened? Real veg and whole foods actually taste great once you’ve reset your taste buds.

If you think that veggies are boring, it’s probably because everything you eat is full of refined carbs or sugar and your palette has become numbed to real flavours. In life we don’t just like certain foods initially, you learned to drink whisky, wine, tequila and eat snails, muscles, olives and other strong foods, maybe you learned to smoke… either way, you can certainly learn to love healthy food too.

Remember: Avoid all concentrated forms of sugar. No fruit juice, certainly no soft drinks and that includes saying no to artificial sugars too. Sugar comes in many disguises so check the ingredients list before you buy refined foods.

That means you don’t add sugar to anything. You also can’t have artificial sweeteners. Not even honey. If you really need some sweetness you can use stevia, but try to go without it. Readjusting your pallet is a big part of the process.

No Added Sugar


That means all bread, even health bread. At the end of the 21 days if you want to start eating bread again we recommend finding a good health bread or bake your own using stone ground flour and plenty of whole seeds and nuts. But for the duration of challenge thou shalt not eat: bread of any kind, crackers, biscuits, white pasta, white rice, pap, manufactured breakfast cereal (you may eat home cooked oats). You may eat wholewheat pasta, potatoes, brown rice, and oats (home cooked).

No Bread


No Fruit Juice, soda or cold drinks

These are all packed with sugar. Even fresh 100% fruit juice has a lot more fruit sugar in it than a regular piece of fruit. So does dried fruit. Avoid both of these.

Instead, if you really need a little something sweet, eat an apple or some pineapple. fresh, of course. If you feel you need something sweet try eating a piece of fresh fruit, or for a real “dessert” fresh fruit cut up into pieces with unsweetened yogurt.


The Rules

Move to food that has more fibre and is nutritionally dense. That means eating more vegetables, and we don’t mean lettuce and rabbit food. Rather choose to eat butternut, pumpkin, baby marrow, green leafy veggies (like spinach, basil, rocket, etc) eggplant, broccoli, cauliflower, beans, legumes, avo, tomato, and fruit on the side. Basically choose to eat as much vegetable as you can. If do you need more carbs (because you are extremely active) then opt for brown rice, wholewheat pasta and wholewheat couscous, but make sure you keep the quantities reduced.

Breakfast: Eggs, Fruit, oats or just eat a normal meal for breakfast. Who said we need cereal for breakfast, have a cottage pie, bobotie, Thai curry and rice or roasted veg and see how awesome you feel all day!

Lunch: Loads of veg (roasted, microwaved or raw things like avo, cucumber and tomato), Whole wheat rice, Meats. If you are eating oat.

Dinner: Basically the same as lunch although try to have less starchy carbs like rice… go for more veg and meat.

What you can eat

Snack: Water, tea, coffee, nuts, fruit (No Milk)

Drink Water

One of the inevitable side effects of cutting out the foods that clog your system is that you will start to work out all the sludge they build up in your body. From micro-toxins to actual backed up gunk. Help your body to get rid of it all by washing it out with plenty of fresh water (six glasses a day).


Is our salvation. Yes, you can still drink as much coffee as you like, as long as it’s unsweetened. Just remember to switch to tea or water before 4 pm if you want to get enough sleep.

What about alcohol?

If you can stop alcohol, please do. Alcohol does put your fat loss on hold. We will be uploading the FitChef evening drink to help you get off alcohol for a while. Try at least a week without alcohol. #21dayNoBS

21 Day Challenge

The Results of cutting out sugars

In just 7 days you will reset your pallet. You will find that your tastes change. After seven days of not eating sugar or artificial sweeteners you will find that when you taste them again they don’t satisfy your taste buds the way you thought they would. You will also notice that your bloating has gone down. Your digestive system is working better and you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

In 14 days You will no longer be craving junk food.
Your body will start to associate the food you’re eating with feeling good. You will be starting to develop favorite foods in your healthy food groups. Your body will be starting to neutralize it’s acidity levels and your nerves will be calmer, even if you didn’t realize you were feeling riled up before now.

In 21 days Your body and your mind will have adjusted to your new diet. You will feel great. Your body will feel more mobile, strong and healthy. You will have worked almost all of the past junk out of your system and you will be feeling strong and healthy. For the heavy sugar consumers you will notice that you are carrying less belly fat after 21 days. Long story short you are going to look and feel amazing.

FitChefs 21 Days Challenge can make a huge difference...

Liz Kullman managed a group of men and women on a 21 day FitChef weight loss kit. Containing 54 meals + 42 Smoothies: 3 meals per day for 6 days per week. 2 smoothies per day. Our aim was to represent a typical group of people (not excessively overweight)

in 21 Days on FitChef Food the following results were achieved on nothing but quality food.

Start Dates and Options

Start your challenge on:

13 Jan-Monday | 20 Jan-Monday | 27 Jan-Monday

Challenge your friends, co-workers and families. Anyone you can think of!

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Real stories. Real food. Real results.

I am very proud of my progress that I have made living the FitChef lifestyle.
This was 9 weeks on FitChef and I lost an awesome 10 kg's.

Nazley Kriel

I have always exercised like a crazy monkey; and I have only recently changed my diet. People have commented that my weight loss was due to my intense exercise - I have been exercising for years now - I promise it's only 20% exercise!

I started with the 21 day - no sugar no bread challenge and decided that I felt so good I would continue. Just over 3 months now... My friends close to me know how difficult this has been, as I am an emotional eater and have enough drama in my life to warrant binge eating.

Bonita Suckling

I started fit chef in march 2017. I loved the easy meals and the divine smoothies made life so easy. I worked hard and stuck to the meals and in a 7 months I lost 24kg. I am healthier, happier and I have so much more energy. FitChef made it so much easier especially for an on the go mom like me with no time to prepare meals.

Bronwyn Lee sharrock

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