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Our FitChef Roots

How FitChef was born!
Exercise doesn’t equal thin:

I have been very active for a long time now and have taken part in everything from the Cape Epic, Sani2C, to 320km 1-day rides, full and half IRONMAN events,  running, swimming, body building and hardcore bikram yoga. I figured that by doing up to 25 hours a week of training, 12 hour IRONMAN training sessions and up to 50 hours effort in 1 race week, that I would have seriously lost all fat and been immensely healthy. But I wasn’t.

The penny drops:

I remember just before doing the full IRONMAN in 2010, when I was really fit and eating ‘healthily’, that a friend saw me on the beach and told me if only I could drop another 5kgs then I would look great. Maybe that’s when the penny started dropping… All the advice ‘experts’ were giving me wasn’t leading to fat loss, or health results. ‘They’ said it was all about lower fat, lower calories (calories in – calories out), high protein, low GI, fat burners, carb blockers etc. I figured the answer must be out there.

Inedible diet food: Many diets seemed to serve up inedible food and made eating an unpleasant experience. I painfully dreamed about flirting with pizzas, burgers and pies. Tasteless food, smelly fish, protein bars that made me constipated or nauseous, whey protein shakes that blocked up my sinuses, sad foods that depressed me. This type of food wouldn’t help me achieve a healthy lifestyle.


I decided to try out for MasterChef 2012. Although this was a great experience and set the launch pad for FitChef, I never made it through the first round, as my meal fell over in the hot sun and long queues. But this also made me realise that I didn’t care about cooking food that wasn’t an investment in my health and body.

All diets fail because:

I quickly realised that all good diets fail for one main reason. “If you don’t have a stock of ready-to-eat healthy meals in your fridge right now, at work or home, then you will eat unhealthy food”. Eating is a tool, we use it to keep our bodies, minds and emotions fueled and, despite our best intentions, we will always eat what is most convenient. So… what if your fridge/freezer was filled with good (and I mean really good) food, and took less effort to prepare than a sandwich. Then you would eat the good stuff, and you would meet your goals. Am I right? Well that’s it.

The two options:

So I realised that there are two options:
1. Prepare a lot of good food yourself, and freeze/fridge it for when you are hungry, or
2. Buy prepared food and have no reason to ever miss a goal.

FitChef gets results:

At FitChef, we are committed to really delivering special food, smoothies and nutrition to you (call it a food investment). Whether you want normal everyday type food (but as a healthier version), active dieting food, or need fuel to power your focused and sporty lifestyle, we can stock your freezer, and conveniently help you achieve your goals. We re-invent meals with no refined, chemically altered ingredients, no dairy, etc. FitChef provide the best food to keep you full while lowering calories, using fresh vegetables and extra lean cuts of meat, no GMO, using organic and seasonal variation, where possible. We will probably never fully understand the complexities behind ultimate health and weight management, so we rather admit that nature has the answers, with fresh and wholesome choices – not with refined foods, pushed by people with marketing agendas.

FitChef: Naturally better. Live the FitChef lifestyle!

I look forward to  meeting you!
Wayne Kaminsky – CEO & Founder