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FitChef Food Ranges

When it comes to finding time for your health, FitChef’s tailored nutritional ranges provide the perfect solution in our fast-paced modern lifestyle.
We live in a time urgent world and often the last thing we prioritise is our food. Yet, food is our fuel and if you want to perform in the long term, then planning and preparing to have good food should be a top priority.

The FitChef nutritional ranges include:


Choose the ActiveDiet range if you want great tasting, low-carb and nutrient-dense food for health and weight loss. This is a great option for active, athletic or performance lifestyles. Meals include naturally low-GI carbs from vegetables, and are low in calories and high in fullness factor. The ActiveDiet range does not contain gluten. There are vegetarian and vegan meals too.


You don’t have to miss out on your favourite recipes; you can have them but with a FitChef upgrade. This means no refined products or man-made chemical ingredients, no added sugar or sweeteners, no added starches, no table salt. Our HealthPlus range offers lower carb options and more natural fibre.


Being vegetarian should not mean eating refined carbs and starch in place of meat. Our vegetarian meals focus on delivering a wide range of nutrients and good quality carbs from vegetables, with a touch of milk and eggs where needed.


Most of our vegetarian meals are vegan too. We are happy to customise a vegan 21 Challenge with extra pea protein to make sure you get all the nutrition you need.


Your willpower wears thin as the day progresses and tiredness sets in, so by 8pm you are probably not going to have control over the chips, biscuits, ice cream and other sugar filled junk. Never stock up on junk at home. Only keep healthy snacks so that at worst you eat health boosting snacks when you can’t resist anymore.

Free-grazing meat

We know that you are what your eat, the same goes for animals. Eat meat that that was fed an original farm style diet and not pumped full of antibiotics or growth hormones. All our meet is farmed according to the strict Kalahari farming protocols.


A range of good ol’ fashioned products made with unrefined ingredients like your great grandma would make ’em.


We don’t believe in living on lettuce leaves and celery sticks. We love a sweet treat too, just not with all the bad stuff in it. So we made treat day a healthy kind of naughty. Go on, indulge a little!


Turn your fridge/freezer into the healthiest fast-food, take-away or drive-through outlet. BrightKids provides your children with all the nutrients their growing bodies and minds need without refined ingredients. We’ve included a few classic favourites too but without all the harmful ADD-inducing sugars and additives.