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Are you keen to try FitChef before you buy our products?

Explore new flavours with a FitChef tasting experience, we will bring lunch for you & 10 friends at your offices!

The tasting experiences will delight your palate and introduce you to a new and better lifestyle change! Our food doesn’t contain any chemical additives, preservatives, stabilisers or artificial flavourants and colourants, no chemical versions of food, no highly refined ingredients like table salt or flour, all meats are free range or grass-fed.

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FitChef Corporate Services

With FitChef Corporate Services, the ideal concept for companies looking for the perfect lunch time solution. Who says lunch time can’t be interesting? With our wide range of new ready-to-eat meals, smoothies, snacks and challenges each lunch break is a meeting worth looking forward to!

Challenge your employees to do our challenge to see if they have what it takes or simply provide them with a healthier alternative, we have something for everyone.

And to make it even better all our kits and meals are set up by a nutritionist for the ultimate full body make over! So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to see how your company can make each lunch hour a FitChef hour! Your employees will thank you for it!

Contact us at [email protected] for more information today!

Healthy food never tasted this good! Tens of thousands of South Africans are living the FitChef Lifestyle! We don’t have weight problem, we have a food selection problem. FitChef has the solution