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FitChef Hero – Ryan Henry Lost 31KG’s on FitChef Food!

FitChef Hero – Ryan Henry Lost 31KG’s on FitChef Food!

My name is Ryan Henry I live in Johannesburg. I wasn’t always overweight but I can say that I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my life in the sense that my own self-image was incorrect. After leaving school and started working I never took my health or eating habits into consideration, I don’t come from a health-conscious family so my foundation in the sense of health and wellness was not there.

As time passed and my eating habits got worse the affects started showing, I picked up weight and my general health took a dip, my age I believe allowed me to continue but it started to become clear that my health and lifestyle were getting seriously affected.

“I wanted to change my lifestyle so that I could live and enjoy life, I want to be able to walk up a flight of stairs without having to be out of breath, play and run with my daughter, go to the clothes store and not struggle to find clothes that fit. ” – Ryan Henry

How did being overweight have an effect on your life?

I can remember being a young child of about 10 years old and the feeling of comfort food gave to me it didn’t register as a “comfort” but never the less it was I believe the time when my subconscious registered the natural good feeling we all get when eating as a way to feel better and or get comfort.
Growing up I was never overweight but was self-conscious about it from a very young age so my relationship with food wasn’t a good one, it became a love hate relationship.
This became worse when I started working and arranging my own meals, takeaways were a staple and the snow ball effect took hold, the heavier I got the worse I felt, and the when I felt bad the only way I knew how to deal with the emotions was to turn to the only thing I recalled making me feel better and that was food and so the cycle continued.
I was always in a state of either wanting too or trying to be healthy which only makes one feel worse when you don’t.
Being self-conscious of one’s weight and body image is a horrible thing, it keeps you back from so many things, the physical part is just as bad because your energy levels are so low, you are not physically able to live life, run, jump etc.

How did you find out about FitChef?

I found out about fitchef though a friend at CrossFit, the box was starting there winter lifestyle challenge, I had joined but was struggling to prepare the meals they had recommended, my friend then told me about fitchef and the healthy food service they offered.

Why did you want to change your lifestyle?

I wanted to change my lifestyle so that I could live and enjoy life, I want to be able to walk up a flight of stairs without having to be out of breath, play and run with my daughter, go to the clothes store and not struggle to find clothes that fit. These are just some of the reasons but the most important is to be healthy, take care of my body and to be happy with myself.

FitChef has had a huge effect on my health and life, its forced me to see what healthy food is and how simple it really is to eat healthily. - Ryan Henry

What would be your response when someone says that a healthy lifestyle is expensive?

My response to healthy life style being expensive is that from I’ve notice on my journey is that the world seems to have been geared towards cheaper, filling foods, this unfortunately is the more popular grocery list so it’s only natural that the healthier less popular foods are more expensive, health foods aren’t full of chemical preservatives so they don’t last as long thus one needs to be more involved In there food preparation, but if I look at what I was spending on takeaways and junk food, there’s not real difference, junk food is easier but you will pay a costly price for it.
A healthy lifestyle will give you the ability to live life to the full and your body and mind is the vessel for that life. An unhealthy lifestyle will cause you to just drag yourself through life and that’s not the life we are supposed to have.

When did you start seeing results?

It took about a month to see changes or should I say notice changes. I would slowly notice changes in the mirror but seeing myself every day I never really realised the change, the thing that I notice the most was how my belt got smaller and smaller and the same went for my clothes, after two month when I could fit into clothes I hadn’t worn for many years that when I realised that I was getting smaller.

As the weeks go by I would look at my legs for example and notice the difference, the definition in my muscles, my shirt wasn’t hanging over my belly but rather fitting better, I could move better, run, walk and carry out normal chores without getting out of breath.

The changes came slowly but on the other hand other people would notice them sooner than I would. It’s difficult to explain but between 2 and 3 month you catch yourself in the mirror and you realise the big change.

What made you finally decide to take that first step and join the Real food, FitChef lifestyle?

I struggled with knowing what was a good diet, there are so many diets out there and who really knows what is right and sustainable, when I hear of fitchef I got on their website as soon as I could and it just made sense, real food, correct portions, the stuff our bodies are made to eat and probably what excited me the most was that it is sustainable, not complicated and a healthy diet I can carry on with for the rest of my life.

What were your very first impressions of FitChef?

It was liberating in the sense that its wasn’t a complicated eating plan, health, natural and foods we all know, it was hard at first but that was because I was used to eating bigger portions at irregular times and it was all junk. It took about 2 weeks for my body to adjust but when I did I could feel the difference, better sleep, more energy, I feel lighter and not bloated or tired after meals.

In what ways has your life directly benefited from FitChef?

I’ve benefitted in so many ways, my work life is far improved, running a business requires a lot physically and mentally, I get up out of bed in the morning ready to go where as before I would drag myself out and would have to drag myself around the entire day.
My relationships, I’m able to spend quality time with my daughter, I can keep up with her and give her my all. My relationships with the opposite sex has improved, it seems that the more weight I lose the more looks I get.

Did you have to over-come any obstacles during your weight-loss journey?

I had many obstacles to overcome with my weight loss journey, the biggest was my relationship with food, food became a comfort for me as I’m sure it is with most people, I can’t say that I’ve fully overcome that but it’s getting better every day. The change in routine was also very challenging to overcome, my routine normally would involve one to two meals a day mostly being dinner or lunch and dinner, these meals where on the go, fried junk and in too large a portion, habits are always hard to overcome but persistence seems to be undefeatable quality.

What was the reaction of your friends and family to the amazing changes you made?

My friends and family where overwhelmed at my change, they are so proud and supportive and its inspired so many to make healthy changes in their life.

Did you include exercise in your weight loss journey?

Yes I started with joining Crossfit Jozi East and let me tell you how wonderful a place it is, my coaches and my Crossfit family ill call them have just made it a wonderful place, I could never get into a gyming routine, I know people that do and they love it but for me it was just too boring, I’ve never gone a day that I didn’t want to go to crossfit, if I missed a class it was because I either got to bed too late and never woke up or I had to work, we are like family there, we support each other in not only exercise but in life matters as well and I really enjoy being there.
I started crossfit 3 months before changing my diet, they tried to help with eating plans but perhaps I just wasn’t ready.

I’m stronger, faster, more flexible and able to run, jump climb and outpace pretty much anything that would want to chase me lol.

How has your life changed since losing weight and becoming healthier?

My life has changed in many ways since losing weight and becoming healthier, I see life differently now, I want to go out more and experience all life has to offer.

How has FitChef have an effect/influence on your life / health?

FitChef has had a huge effect on my health and life, its forced me to see what healthy food is and how simple it really is to eat healthily.

FitChef has given me the ability to get healthy, some may find it easy to find a healthy eating plan and stick to it but I wasn’t one of those people, fitchef has in powered and educated me.

This has had a knock on effect in so many areas of my life.

For me it’s a choice of either living or existing. And I choose to live. - Ryan Henry

How important is a healthy lifestyle for you?

A healthy lifestyle is important for me because it gives me the ability to live life, work, social, etc. without a healthy lifestyle one could simply not enjoy or live life to the full. So, for me it’s a choice of either living or existing. And I choose to live.

What has been your easiest challenge while eating FitChef?

Without a doubt the easiest challenge is food preparation, I walk to the fridge, grab a smoothie, pop a meal in the oven or microwave and eat, I don’t have to figure anything out and this helps a lot while losing weight because there are so many mental and physical struggles to overcome in the process.

What has been the hardest challenge while eating FitChef?

The hardest challenge has been in my mind, there’s a Christian teacher who has written a book called the battle field of the mind and that is so true it is a battlefield, I am still fighting that battle to change the way I think about food and dealing with my passed eating habits.

Do you think eating right had more of an impact than exercising on your weight loss journey?

Most definitely, my first three months of exercise while still eating badly I only lost 1kg and 10kgs my first month eating correctly, so yes eating right had the biggest effect on my weight loss far beyond exercise.

How has losing weight affected your health/life?

My life has only improved, my confidence, my energy, my relationships and my general happiness has drastically improved. I have still to reach my gaol but the changes so far have drastically improved my life.

Where do you think, you’d be if you had never tried FitChef?

If I hadn’t tried fitchef I think I would probably be still struggling with finding a healthy diet and would be constantly self-conscious about it, unhappy and discouraged.

Do you believe that you can get results with 90% diet / 10% exercise?

Yes, I believe so, I’ve unwittingly seen the results of it myself, exercise with a unhealthy diet will only get you a bit fitter but a healthy diet can take you much farther, id even dare to say that just eating healthy with no exercise would still show huge results.

What are your current goals?

My goals for my weigh are to get to 5% body fat, I’d like to see this happen by the end of May this year.

My first three months of exercise while still eating badly I only lost 1kg and 10kgs my first month eating correctly, so yes eating right had the biggest effect on my weight loss far beyond exercise. - Ryan Henry

How would you describe your relationship with food before losing weight?

My relationship with food before fitchef was not good, I ate when I was hungry yes but I would also eat when I was bored, sad, lonely, depressed.

It was a love hate relationship!

I must say that I’m still in the process of overcoming this but I’m not there yet but I’m not where I used to be.

How would you describe your relationship NOW with food after losing weight?

My relationship now is still not good and not where I want it to be, there are still times when I’m hungry, tired etc. that I want to eat a sugary carb fulled meal but like ive said im working on it and as every time I overcome those urges I get stronger and less dependent.

What’s the best thing about FitChef?

The best thing about fitchef is the convenience, grabbing a well-balanced meal, giving your body what it needs with the ease of just walking to the fridge, not having to think about what to make, finding the time to make it and or having to go shopping for it.

What can you do now after FitChef that before was not possible?

Well I’ve always been an active person in my work so I was never bed ridden but my general day to day movement, fitness and mental clearness are all drastically improved.

Where do you yourself in 5 years?

In five years I see myself having conquered my unhealthy habits, I see myself being more successful in my business life, personal life, relationships with others and being a good role model for my daughter.

Any final thoughts?

My final thoughts concerning people who want to change or improve their health is that it will be hard, you may fall but start now, if you fall get up and keep on going try not to beat yourself up about it rather take lessons from it so that it doesn’t happen again, when people are encouraging you it feels great but the hardest times are when you are alone with yourself, that is where the challenge lies that is where you’ll meet your greatest adversary, be faced with your highest mountains but this is where you’ll experience your greatest victories.

I think true success is becoming the person you truly want to be, being happy with who you are, not measuring your idea of success against anyone else’s and not letting anyone else’s opinion of success degrade yours, this goes both ways though. - Ryan Henry