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Create Your Recurring Delivery
Let your taste buds reward you!

FitChef rewards you for living healthy!

The more often you order the BIGGER your discount. Discount levels are automatically applied to your account based on purchase frequency and your account will automatically adjust from Bronze to Platinum Loyalty Levels. FitChef solves ALL your nutritional needs, we have the nutritional solution for your life.

ONE DECISION can positively impact the state of your body, mind, energy, health and focus. REPURPOSE your time effectively!

Get between 10% – 12% discount

Setup YOUR Recurring Delivery NOW

Healthy eating onto autopilot

This is our commitment to make healthy living more affordable and convenient. Thank you for supporting FitChef, your future self will thank you!

Step 1

Setup your recurring delivery frequency

Step 2

Add Products

Step 3

Managing Your Order


Register / login and complete the form found on the sign up page

Setup the your preferred delivery frequency

Add or select your credit card details


Start Shopping

Select Add To Recurring Order Button

Proceed to Checkout


Manage your recurring order from the My Recurring Order screen.
Add, Edit, Delete, Check your discounts or even pause the delivery.

Pause or skipping an order cycle?

Weekly, Twice Monthly, Monthly

If life happens, whether you are away on holiday or a business trip or whatever the reason might be, and you are unable to accept the delivery or collection you are able to pause for a specific cycle (e.g. Weekly, Twice Monthly, Monthly).

It will automatically activate after the next run. You will always receive email & SMS notification before an order runs. You are also able to cancel the recurring order at any time. Please keep in mind that pausing or cancelling your recurring order will affect your discount level for the next purchase.

Get Fresh!!

We continually add, update or remove meals, smoothies and snacks so you will have a wide basket of new items to add or replace meals to keep tastes fresh and exciting. Please note that from time to time we do discontinue products or update recipes, so adjustments are made. Pricing and stock availability are subject to change.

RE-PURPOSE your time effectively!

ONE decision can positively impact the state of your body, mind, energy, health and focus.

‘’From the ordering process to the delivery process. It’s just such a breeze. Apart from the amazing food, their constant communication to keep you informed is what makes their service extra great.’’

Jaco Bosman

‘’Deliveries are amazing and the guys that do the deliveries are awesome and friendly. The food is amazing, and I feel I cannot cook the same food we eat for the amount of money we pay for our FitChef meals. Great taste and so many flavours. The convenience of not having to slave away in the kitchen is also one of my favorites aspects, especially in the summer. Eating good food has now become our top priority just cause it is so much easier.’’

Tanya Nortje

"Great food, awesome service. Invest in your health and give FitChef a try. Takes the pain of thinking what to make for lunch and supper away, super convenient. You can actually feel the difference in your energy levels after week one by eating clean!"

Leon Naude

"Meals, smoothies and brownies are all amazing! So convenient, and great service!! Thank you!"

Kelly Berks

"This is by far my favourite food in the whole world! It is so quick to prepare, healthy and very, delicious! This is real food!"

Hanneké Dannhauser

"I tried a FitChef meal and smoothie for the first time today and I am really impressed. Everything tasted like it was freshly cooked, not the typical bland ready-made meal taste you get from the shops. Will definitely recommend it to anyone."

Bothma Van Tonder