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Corporate Wellness Day

FitChef value-add wellness day plan
. We believe that most corporate wellness days are almost a waste of time and the staff or company as a whole rarely implement long term changes. So at the end of the day, there’s no impact on wellness and health. Because of this, we feel a wellness day should provide lessons on buying habits and lifestyle planning as well as provide demos and cooking classes that will give steps to staff to make an easy lifestyle change. We also provide tangible ideas that can be used to implement change in the company from day one.

We can provide the following services on the day:

20-25 minute cooking demos and health chat
– This session covers the basics from our FitChef Extreme Cooking Course (where you learn to cook 45 meal portions in two hours)

Smoothies for all staff
– A smoothie tasting session that explores the nutritional benefits of juicing veggies.

Ongoing health lessons
– We can add all staff to our Health 101 newsletter series where we take them through about 30 health lessons over the next three months.

Make a change to your company
– Do you want your employees to perform at their best, improve productivity and decrease sick days? Sponsor smoothies snacks twice a day for all staff for one week, two weeks or a full month (or part sponsor the cost) and see the difference in your bottom line. Our smoothie range is a great way to get the daily nutritional benefits of fruit and veg with no preservatives in a quick tasty snack drink. Smoothies are a revolution in health, focus and weight loss. Experience the effects on focus, energy and health… the proof isn’t in the pudding, it’s in the greens.

Please contact [email protected] for a quote.