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Why is counting calories a waste of time?

Why is counting calories a waste of time?

Healthy eating is not a case of calories in versus calories out! It’s not about the amount of calories you eat but rather it’s the quality of the calorie that is important.

We don’t believe in counting calories in general because 100 kcal of vegetable is not equal to a 100 kcal of sugar. Sugar will spike blood sugar and cause an insulin release which puts your body into fat storage mode; veggies on the other hand help put your body into fat burning mode.

Different food groups contain varying amounts of kcal:
1 gram fat: = 9 kcal
1 gram protein: = 4 kcal
1 gram carbohydrates: = 4 kcal
1 gram alcohol: = 7 kcal

Vegetables can have 15 times less calories per gram than these figures. .

Likewise, when burning calories, according to current science, it’s easy to burn 100 kcal on a treadmill but burning 16 kcal on an assault bike would leave you totally breathless and would be the hardest two minutes of your life. The current belief is that to burn off 1 Kg of fat, it’s estimated that you need to burn off an additional 7726 calories (kilo calories) (453g/1 pound of fat = 3500 kcal)

Health and weight loss is about giving your body maximum quality calories. This means eating loads of vegetables, fruit, and the ingredients found in nature’s pantry.

It’s not about how hard you exercise: it’s 90% diet and 10% exercise. Six packs are really made in the kitchen. Losing fat is all about eliminating refined carbs and controlling carbs in general. When you eat good food you feel fuller for longer , so you eat less and get more nutrients, which results in great portion control.

Calories may be useful as a rough guideline for portion size, but if you are eating a lot of veggies and unrefined food you will find it hard to eat over 1200 kcal.

How do I maintain my weight?

While we have incredible kick-start plans like our 21 Day Challenge, our focus is actually on long-term health and weight management solutions. We provide monthly maintenance meals, smoothies and snacks so you can continue your FitChef #EatClean lifestyle plan according to your budget.

Food is the foundation to all other long-term success in your life. Don’t go back to living on high-carb food because you forgot to order or plan ahead. Healthy eating is a balance of buying and making food ahead of time so that your health becomes an investment. 

You eat about 93 meals a month… so plan ahead! And don’t forget those 30-60 snacks or drinks between meals. You need to aim for at least 80 excellent meals that are high in nutrient-dense veggies and that don’t contain refined carbs or sugar. Remember to #EatClean. You can’t live on bread, junk cereals, pap, sugar and processed food and expect good results.