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Glen Hudgson living the FitChef Vegan Lifestyle

Glen Hudgson living the FitChef Vegan Lifestyle

Name: Glen Hodgson (35)
Profession: Band member of The Parlotones and Lost&Found
Diet: Vegan

As a recently added ambassador, I keep my freezer permanently stocked with FitChef products, not out of obligation – but because I genuinely am a fan. FitChef caters for vegetarians and meat eaters alike, and there is even a wide variety of options for vegans like myself. My freezer, as I previously mentioned, is always full to overflowing with the frozen meals, which include:
Red kidney Bean Goulash
Sweet potato, French Peas & Carrot Mash
Lentil, Tomato and Cranberry Breedie
Vegetarian Roast Veg with Cauli Rice
Spanish Red Kidney Bean & Quinoa
Grandma’s Veg Curry
Sweet & Sour Veg

And not forgetting the low carb Green Thai Curry & Cauli Rice. The meals consist of ingredients that I have grown accustomed to using and eating since I moved to a plant based diet one year ago. Before that my meals would basically consist of meat and some form of fried potatoes! Today I am the healthiest, and happiest, I’ve ever been.

What I like about the frozen meals is that they work perfectly as a whole meal but can also be used as a meal base. If you’re feeling more hungry than usual you can always just add some more ingredients into the mix. These are not your typical store bought ‘microwave meals.’ I’m very much against using a microwave in general so I’ll always defrost and heat my meals up in a pan on the stove. This way I am still involved in the cooking process, which I feel is a vital part of healthy eating.
Besides frozen meals, there is also a vegan breakfast option available comprising of rolled oats with cranberry, nuts, apple and cinnamon, as well as a variety of veggie soups and smoothies.

I particularly enjoy the Booster shot (a blend of lemon juice, ginger, apple and water) first thing in the morning.

All in all a great product, which I am proud to be involved with. Thanks guys!