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How does FitChef work?

Having good health is the mark of true wealth! It’s time to invest in yourself and learn to #EatClean with FitChef. Here are a few guidelines to help you get started.

Kick-start and long-term maintenance

FitChef not only provides several incredibly effective kick-start packages for weight loss or getting your health back on track, but also maintenance kits, individual meals, smoothies and a variety of healthy snacks to keep you going with the FitChef #EatClean lifestyle according to your budget.

Don’t go back to living on cardboard food because you forgot to order or plan ahead. Healthy eating is an investment that requires balance of buying and making food ahead of time and having meals readily available. Remember that what you eat is the foundation of all long term success… your health is your wealth.

What are your needs?

FitChef allows you to choose from a selection of optimally designed CHALLENGE kits, YOUR OWN SELECTION of individual meals or a MAINTENANCE PLAN so that you can continue your #EatClean lifestyle.

If it’s your first time on FitChef or if you need a change NOW then go for one of the 21 Day, 1 Month or 3 Month Challenges. Our most popular option is the 21 Day Challenge, which contains 54 amazing meals and 44 smoothies. You will need at least three empty shelves in your freezer for the 21 Day Challenge as all your meals and smoothies are packaged in a single delivery.

Once you have reached your goal weight or tried all the meals and smoothies in the challenge, you may want to move onto a monthly maintenance plan or select your individual meals according to your taste and budget. This way you can continue your stress free #EatClean journey and there’s simply no excuse to eat badly and fall off the wagon.

Aiming to be the world’s leading REAL FOOD solutions company.

FitChef is all about great tasting meals, loads of variety, low and lower carb options, REAL food and excellent quality service! #FitChef #EatClean

Frozen food is the future of convenience

We live in a time poor world and many of us are too rushed and pressured to cook or plan ahead. Unfortunately, people resort to eating junk and ignoring the effects on health and weight. It’s a waste of time standing in shopping queues every day to purchase ingredients, many people hate cooking or mean to cook and end up throwing away good food gone bad.

We are not saying you shouldn’t cook or have fresh food too but what we do guarantee is that a healthy frozen ready-to-eat meal will ALWAYS beat a processed sandwich or insulin spiking junk meal. With FitChef you can easily balance the times when you have the opportunity and energy to make fresh healthy meals with those times when you don’t to make sure you get good nutrition all the way through. Of course submitting to a craving for a fast-food meal once in a blue moon isn’t an apocalyptic event, but at least with balanced FitChef meals ready in your fridge and freezer, it won’t be your default when you can’t or don’t want to cook.

Our food is SERIOUSLY healthy, and cooked to the best standards of hygiene in controlled and audited ISO 22 000 kitchens.

FitChef achieves all of these goals PLUS:

We give you ALL your food

NO preservatives or artificial food

NO refined ingredients

Delivery for true convenience

Wholesome ingredients with plenty of fibre

Veggie & fruit smoothies

Performance meals for athletes

Low GI, slow release energy

Low carb, or healthy carbs from nature

LCHF compliant (Add your own fats for HF)

NO sugar or artificial sweetners

Vegan and vegetarian meals


Convenient-health solutions

REAL FOOD isn’t boring, FitChef will prove that to you. After three days on FitChef’s #EatClean food and smoothies, we think you will agree that we have redefined the ‘REAL HAPPY MEAL’. FitChef leaves you feeling full and ready to perform at work and play without the bloating, heartburn and other discomforts of refined food.

If you believe veggies are boring and tasteless then it’s probably because your taste buds have been numbed by high quantities of sugar and artificial flavourants in everything. Reset your body, mind and taste buds on FitChef food.

Personalising your meals

As part of the FitChef #EatClean lifestyle, we suggest being creative with your meals if you have time or to add variety while still saving time. Try these ideas for a start:

  • Add avo, feta or extra veggies to any of the meals.
  • Sprinkle spices, curry mixtures or chilli to your taste before heating in the microwave (but try not to add extra salt).
  • Split a meal between two people and add a side salad.
  • Buy the vegetarian meals and cook your own fish or meat on the braai to match.
  • Fry up a rice meal with two eggs for a Chinese egg fried rice version.
  • Most meals can be served in wraps or tacos with salsa and guacamole for a Mexican twist.

REAL humans need REAL fuel to perform and achieve

We also understand that the best solution would be for everyone to grow their own veggies and make every meal from scratch. But in a time-poor world where most of us are too busy with work and play to pay attention to what we eat. How often do you grab any food that is convenient, but not necessarily healthy?

Estimates indicate that worldwide up to 60% of adults are pre-diabetic or already diabetic. This is linked to poor diets and unhealthy lifestyles. What you put in is what you get out, so if you want to perform at your best, whether at home, in sport or at work, you need to fuel your body with good nutrition. FitChef meets the needs of those people with no time, who can’t cook or who hate cooking but want to live healthily… we change lives every day! Our customers thank us all the time for getting them off medication, finding energy again, helping them lose weight and feel good.

Healthy food never tasted this good! Tens of thousands of South Africans are living the FitChef Lifestyle! We don’t have weight problem, we have a food selection problem. FitChef has the solution.

Cheat days, snacking and sweets

While the world would be a better place without the unhealthy temptations of processed sugar, the reality is that it’s here to stay. Sugar itself is not the problem, the problem is the amount of sugar that has been added to every item of processed food beyond the bliss point. This means that sadly our palates no longer recognise natural tastes or natural sweetness and most people tend to find unsweetened food bland.

We strongly recommend that if you are diabetic, pre-diabetic, sick or overweight then it is time to cut out added or concentrated sugar from your diet entirely. Choose to live a quality life without artificial sugar-coated food; choose to make health your lifestyle. Start by not stocking junk in your kitchen cupboards and fridge, which means no breakfast cereals (read the labels as almost all cereals are packed with sugar), hot chocolate, sweets, ice cream, biscuits, chips, pastries, cup cakes, etc. If you want a treat then go out and have it at the shops or a restaurant.

By now you should recognise that if it is in your kitchen, you will eat it when you should rather eat a proper meal. This is especially true when you are tired and at your emotionally most fragile time, which is at night. Rather keep a healthy snack pack at home so that ‘worst’ you will snack on fruit, biltong, nuts, peanut or nut butters, Greek yoghurt or other REAL wholesome food.

Once you realise that all the added sugars and refined carbs were the cause of your bloated tender stomach, heartburn, tiredness and many diseases, you will crave good food that allows you to live with EASE. Cheat days or rather cheat meals are allowed depending on your health status, and should always be a reward without punishing yourself afterwards. Always aim for food with more fibre and as close to nature as possible. Healthy smoothies are probably the best way to get loads of fibre and nutrients into your life while on the run.

Forget dieting

Instead of arguing about which diet is the best, let’s focus on what good diets have in common. Most good diets want you to stop living on bread, sugar and refined carbs and eat more nutrient dense food. You can learn more about why diets fail here.