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Will I feel hungry on FitChef food?

Will I feel hungry on FitChef food?

FitChef meals and smoothies are packed with nutritious low GI ingredients that will leave you feeling fuller for longer. Most FitChef meals are 300g in size, while a few are 250g to keep carbs low in the ActiveDiet range.

Real healthy food

FitChef works with Springbok rugby players, EFC fighters, professional triathletes and world class CrossFitters. We provide meals and kits to Comrades and marathon runners, cyclists, and people living normal busy lives. While more active people may eat three to five meals and two to four smoothies a day, most people agree that our meals are about the right size and they report feeling full and satisfied.

If at first you find that you are hungrier on some days, you can always eat another half or full meal, or add avo or fresh veggies to a meal. If you are accustomed to overeating or eating in response to stress, you will experience a real difference on FitChef. We recommend giving yourself three days to adjust to the FitChef high fibre and nutrient-dense diet. You should soon feel full and nourished without the bloating, heartburn and tiredness that comes with high-GI and high-carb junk food.

Feel fuller for longer

Many people think we need piles of food and their eyes judge their needs based on plate size. This is because we have grown used to eating processed food with no fibre and very little nutritional value. When you eat nutrient-dense meals you will feel fuller for far longer.

Vegetables make you full not fat

The next thing to take into consideration is that you really can’t get fat from eating a lot of good quality vegetables. You will usually be full long before veggies will affect your weight.

Portion size

Portion size is not a simple matter of whether you are a male or female or your body size. People are hungry for different reasons, like how active you are, what type of exercises you have done, stress levels, hot or cold weather, cravings and even what you ate yesterday (for example, if you ate loads of sugar and carbs you are likely to feel more hungry the next day).

Even if you eat better quality foods, you have to pay attention to portion control. If you know you’re eating too much, try reducing your portions and eat four to six small meals instead of three large meals. FitChef portion sizes are based on an average portion and you choose if you want to eat more or less.